Tango Fortuna Helsingborg

Argentinsk tango i familjen Helsingborg. Tango Fortuna: upptäck en helt ny dimension av livet!


5 september, 2022

Fortuna practica different times for SATURDAYS 26/11 and 17/12, SUNDAYS 13/11, 27/11 and 4/12.

Countering approaching Autumn chills, we will try to keep you warm.

Welcome to the meditative and cozy moment at Tango Fortuna!
A mix of classical and alternative music, snacks and perfect wood floor. A drop-in tango lesson is taking place in the meantime but the floor is open to everyone.
Entrance fee depends if you choose to follow the teacher with a lesson (100kr) or practice and dance yourself (50kr).
For dancers of all levels and curious beginners.

On Saturdays, lesson starts at 12, practica for all at 13.00 and so they go parallell to each other.

On Sundays, lesson starts at 15, practica for all at 16.30 and so they go parallell to each other.

OBSERVE SPECIAL PRICE for students, only 20 kr!

Place is Project Pocket, Västra Sandgatan 6 in Helsingborg (go inside of the block with a bunch of car workshops, take the stairs ot the second floor)

For question, please call/sms +46761 665 626

Jumpin’ Tango for beginners

New season, new beginning!
Have you been curious about tango but didn’t dare to try? Now is a right moment!
We invite all who wants to try tango, well, to try it! Building up your skills step by step, no pressure, just enjoy your new identity of a dancer!
Fee: 100 kr/person, special price for students and seniors.

Time: 15.00 – 16.30 on Sundays in September/October
Place: Project Pocket, Västra Sandgatan 6 Helsingborg
No special preparations needed, but bring soft shoes to change.
For questions please message to 0761665626.
See you!

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