Yes we all are a little bit rusty and clumsy after 1,5 year of saving the world. Let’s kick the post-corona season (and hope it will last :)) with a short but intense weekend full of learning and practicing!

Lucky us, with this one time offer we have an amazing couple of pedagogs, Damian Thompson and Beata Neumann coming to Helsingborg to meet cosy Tango Fortuna community, on the 8-10 October this year. With them they bring a severe advanced (made easy) set of techniques and sequences that will bring your dance to another level. Now, that is what we call a survivors’ weekend:

Milonga on Friday 8/10, 21.00-24.00

Two sets of workshops (2 hours before lunch and after) on Saturday 9/10 and Sunday 10/10: 10.30-12.30 and 16.30-18.30

Praktika inbetween, 13.00-16.00

Milongas on Saturday night, 21.00-01.00

and Sunday evening 19.00-22.00

Topics of workshops will be discussed with the registered participants but personal favourites would be complex sacadas, surprising changes of lead and direction, sequences challenging balance and coordination as well as enhancing smooth playfullness like for example seamless barridas.

Price for the whole weekend inclusive workshops, all praktikas and milongas is 1000 SEK per person or 1800 per couple. Price for milongas/praktikas paid separately is 100 kr per occasion.

Yes we are fully aware of the pressure our brain, feet and in some cases, relationships will experience. For the participants registered we offer a chance to sleep over at Project Pocket in basic conditions (back to youth camps!! :)) and have breakfasts together.

An option is to include lunch and dinner on Saturday-Sunday in the package, for additional 200 kr per person in total.

To register, please send an email to (don’t wait too long! If not enough interest is shown, the whole thing will be cancelled!!) and pay the fee to Proqvi’s Bg645-8327, or SWISH to 1231567601.

About the teachers


Beata Neumann is a very experienced dancer and dance teacher. From a young age, she trained in ballroom dancesport, obtaining the highest dance classes.She graduated the 1st degree music school in the violin class and the dance study of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, obtaining the title of a dance instructor. For 14 years she has been dancing and teaching tango in her studio. She has taken lessons from the best tango teachers in the world . Loves to pass her knowledge to others. She believes that good dance technique is the best way to obtain comfort, elegance, convenience, the pleasure of embracing, connecting with a partner and having fun in tango. She trains herself all the time and expands her skills. She is full of joy and optimism and this is how she shares her tango with others.


Damian Thompson has taught on 6 continents and most of the countries that are on those continents. Having been invited to perform for many national and international events in the past 10 years, Damian is a well known and popular dancer and teacher. Wherever Damian dances, there are always those that want him to return to share his technique and passion for this great dance! Damian’s style is based on years of learning from many different maestros and tango styles. The teaching is based upon the on-axis style and using the principles of technique to achieve a symbiotic relationship with both the music and his partner. How Damian differs with most teachers, is that there is one consistent principle for leading all movements throughout his dance – once learnt and mastered, you will be able to break down all movements and apply this technique for an understanding and extremely effective lead and follow. Many describe Damian as a very playful, fun teacher able to teach many levels in the same class as needed. Damian teaches and conveys the basic and complex concepts in a systematic, logical fashion. As a collaborator in the teaching and development of tango, a provocateur who inspires passion in the art of dancing tango, Damian’s classes are not to be missed!