Tango Fortuna Helsingborg

Argentinsk tango i familjen Helsingborg. Tango Fortuna: upptäck en helt ny dimension av livet!

Säsong-2020 praktikas: inställda till 19/4

Ny säsong är igång och det blir en del ändringar…. Till att börja med, det är tillfälligt svårt att komma i Favela Café pga ombyggnation. Så vi flyttar till en ännu mysigare rum på samma address, fast ingången är från gatan. Östra Sandgatan 9C, välkomna!
En annan nyhet, vi testar med att hålla praktikor på måndagar istället för onsdagar, kl 18.00-21.00 så att alla hinner med sina tåg och buss.
Vänligen följ Praktika Fortuna på facebook! Och ring om du blev osäker, 0761665626. Vi ses!

Ny säsong av tango drar igång på Dunkers kulturhus

I andra år i rad är vi glada att se vår öppna milonga i atriet på Dunkers kulturhus i Helsingborg växa och samla allt fler gamla som nya vänner. Ibland hålls den av oss, ibland av Tangorama, en annan mer etablerat tangoförening i Helsingborg.
Varannan vecka med start 12/1, gratis inträde, alla nyfikna är välkomna att höra av sig till Dj-n om man vill testa göra några steg eller får lite tips om dans.
Kaffe och annat gott råder vi inte över utan det får man köpa på caféet lite längre in på första våning, riktning mot havet.
Följ evenemanget på Facebook, vi ses!

This is how scouting by tango folks may end up with…

Tango Fortuna is anything but convention. Now we are out and borrowing phones from random people… to record sound and video, of course 😉
The only purpose of this activity is to promote tango in Helsingborg; music is by Orquestra Romantica Milonguera.

Tango guerilla Helsingborg starts in Landskrona :)

We hope we can some day shush away all drama around tango, ah ok well maybe not all ))) a little bit of mystery, may stay. To counter that cautious attitude of citizens, we decided to #tangoguerillaHbg sometimes.
Say hi if you suddenly see us around! Contribute yourself 😉

Practica Favela: every Wednesday 19.00-22.00

Welcome to a tango practica Favela Fortuna, place where we believe in connection, communication and discovery.
Every Wednesday between 19.00-22.00
ADDRESS: Östra Sandgatan 9A, Helsingborg
tango favela entrance
favela to get there
There is plenty of parking for car-bound dancers.
Comfortable clothes and shoes for indoor use (no shoes? come in socks! That’s also lovely).
Bring your own cup if you don’t fancy extended usage of plastic cups 🙂
Never tried before? We´ll help with the first steps.
Music is a mix of classic tango, neotango and alternative.
Entrance fee: 50SEK /5 euro.
Questions: please to 0761665626.
See you!

Sunday Tango Dunkers culture house

Take a cosy morning with slow enjoyable breakfast and a walk along the city harbour in Helsingborg. Take a cup of coffee in Dunkers culture house watching the sea.  Oh, at that time you might be already be able to hear tango music throughout the house, as we set up for milonga in the atrium, the very heart of Dunkers culture house, room with plenty of light, air and beautiful wooden floor.

The first half n hour is always open for the curious one, to try tango – just come to the Dj and he/she will guide you.

There is no entrance fee. We really want tango as a social culture, to come forward and encourage people to meet, talk and move unconventionally.

Welcome to join! Every second sunday start on the 8 September, closing season on the 15th of December, 13.00 – 16.00. Questions please to Tania (best is sms) +46761665626.


Queer tango is same tango as we know it. Only better.

For some people, definition of roles is important because it puts clearly power on the map, saying ”YOU LEAD”, and ”YOU FOLLOW”. Deviating from the established roles leads to insecurity, who has the power? Who get´s to decide?? Who is responsible???

We believe that none of the parties deserve to carry the full weight of responsibility for movement and development, and both are equally privileged with opportunity to express their opinion. As well as both have equal obligation to support each other’s learning and curiosity, and strive for proficiency.

In tango, we have these roles: leader, follower. Let us be clear about one thing: names of roles in tango do not define hierarchy or different levels of responsibility. It emphasises the need of both. Leading is not relevant if there is noone to lead but is pointless when there is noone to listen. Following is foolish when the lead is chaotic but picturing the whole dance, if is emotional and responsive.

On that reason we will always encourage change of roles in dancing, and move focus from power to experience.

Together with Landskrona Pride we invite everyone to join tango as common ground for feelings and motion. We play neo- and some non-tango music.
Try tango between 19.00-20.00, continue with milonga thereafter and for all Cinderellas out there: we stay for dancing until midnight.
See you!

Entrance is free of charge.


hela tango1-page-001 try

Intensiv workshop för extra dimension i dansen

Det finns så mycket mer än steg i tangon. Det pratas mycket om kommunikation mellan parterna, även om tango-språket, men hur är det med tango-konversationen? Den ska vi testa och öva på, att finna glädje i  kontrollen över alla kommunikationsmedel som vår kropp gömmer och som musiken kan väl ta fram.  Workshop riktar sig främst till singla dansare men det är inte förbjudet att komma i par heller. Välkomna! Frågor och anmälan, vänligen till Tania på 0761665626.

tango fortuna intensiv workshop-page-001 (2)

EFTER LUNCH tango på Dunkers fortsätter fram till sommaren!!!

Every second Sunday, between 13.00-16.00 we get a chance to dance in a beautiful full of light and with the view over the sea and boats, hall att Dunkers culture house, a place worth visit despite and outside tango.
During the first half an hour there is always time for curious visitors, to try tango with guidance of the hosts, for that matter, the event is hosted in turns by Tango Fortuna and Tangorama.
Here is more outreaching link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/172138110407447/

We also posted in on our Facebook:


When hosted by Tango Fortuna, music is played by Tania B.
Entrance fee is voluntary but if you can contribute to further development of tango in Helsingborg with 4-6 euro, Dj will be happy 🙂
Any questions, please call Tania at 0761665626.

tango fortuna sunday after lunch-page-001

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