Over the last couple of months we have been observing many young people ignoring recommendations for social distancing; well, schools are open as well. Maybe we do live in parallell universes? 🙂 Maybe it is despite all, good time to catch up with some new skills for young people?
Tango Fortuna is inviting young people for a crash course in tango, 6 occasions 2 hours each. If it was a regular course it would cost between 600-1000 kr but we are investing in future of tango in Helsingborg, and making this course especially and free for people under 30 and members in Proqvi. Please find registration (in proqvi) info here: https://www.proqvi.se/register-sign-up/
and for the course, please register here (we can only take 15 persons per group so amount of places is limited): https://simplesignup.se/event/168180

28/5 (torsdag) kl 18.00 – 20.00
30/5 (lördag) kl 11.00-13.00
1/6 (attans vad tiden går, redan juni och redan måndag) kl. 17.00-19.00
4/6 (torsdag) kl 18.00 – 20.00
6/6 (lördag) kl 11.00-13.00
8/6 (måndag) kl. 17.00-19.00
Maybe we see you soon?
Take care!

Same info can be found on facebook: