Dear friends, hope you all are safe and sound!
Corona likes it here… so the grip is not getting that much easier. However, life goes on and for many of you who either have a partner or antibodies (whatever provides more safety potential…), we can imagine you are longing to get to the dance floor. So. The location where we landed, Project Pocket, is open most of the days a week. It only takes a membership to enter it on opening hours, with your partner and own music. In order not to clash with rather noisy activities that also take place there sometimes, there are also two times a week when place is reserved for dancing: Thursdays around 19-21 and Sundays 16-19-ish. It is open and free for members to come any time (membership is 300kr/month if you live in Helsingborg, and 500/year if you live outside of Helsingborg, members can bring a partner). If you are a curious one-time visitor, you contribute with 50 kr for coffee 🙂

So far it has not been more than a few visitors at a time (spread over 100 sqm floor, it is really airy), but if that on some reason changes before the corona-restrictions do, we reserve the right to limit amount of simultaneous visitors.

Write if you need more info or have questions, please call/sms to 0761665626.

Stay safe! Warm hugs from Tango Fortuna.