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mars 2023

Torsdagspraktika: tango and snacks

Praktika och middag till en självkostnadspris, välkomna alla vänner!

Kl. 18.00 kan man komma och ta en lätt vegetarisk middag (mjölk produkter kan förekomma) tillsammans med arrangörerna, meddela vänligen att ni kommer så vi kan planera!
kl. 19.00-21.00 är det praktika eller en lektion om man vill hellre det.
Maten kostar 80 kr och praktikan 50 (lektion 100).

Vem som helst är välkomna, dansare som nyfikna kompisar som vill prova på.

Musiken förenar oss alla!

Beginners course of no excuses

”I cannot dance” is not really an excuse however following shall be taken into consideration if you think about trying tango out. Here is an official warning:

– Argentine tango is not really a dance but closer to an advanced meditation technique involving a simultaneous reflection on both emitting and receiving stimuli.
– Close prooximity with a partner does not automatically create intimacy.
– A sudden experience of harmony and unity may be achieved unexpectedly.
– Engaging into tango is like a labyrith that doesn’t stop at learning steps but pulls one into the culture of non-verbal international communication, theatrical ambience, unusual socializing pattens and possibly expensive habits.

Now. if despite all the above you chose to join the lessons, congratulations! You most likely belong to the part of human race that finds pleasure in constant development and challenges but also satisfaction in measurable achievements and limitless discovery. Would you then like to learn more about the lessons?
There are 6 occasions. each one approx 1,5 hour long. During these sessions you will learn the basic steps and principles for their combinations which will provide you with a toolbox to further develop and experiment on your own. You can then with confidence enter other social tango events and enjoy dancing and expanding your network and experience.
No previous skills are required. A partner is recommended to make the most of the lessons, but not a demand. We wil be switching roles a lot in the beginning anyway.
Have comfortable shoes preferably thin and easy to glide on the wooden floor. Woolen socks proved to work great as well and they are super cosy!
The cost of the course is 600kr /person, half price for students. Please register! By sending a message to 0761665626 latest on Monday 13/3.
For any questions please contact us at 0761665626.

Från och med nu: practica gratis för medlemmarna!

Nog med krångel 🙂
Practica Fortuna fr o m nu är gratis för medlemmar i Tango Fortuna och kostar symboliskt belopp av 30 kr till medlemmar i Tangoföreningen i Helsingör.
Medlemskap är 200kr/år och kan lösas när som helst via SWISH 0761665626. Vill man bli en aktiv medlem för 500kr/år är man välkommen att även boka och använda lokalen för egna övningstillfällen.
Vid anordning av något annat evenemang såsom milonga etc. under samma tid, gäller villkor för evenemanget inklusive entrekostnad.
Det är helt ok att ta med sig idéer om musik och sekvenser som man vill prova, vi har både wifi och projektor. Välkomna att experiemntera!
Vid frågor, vänligen kontakta Tania 0761665626.

Waffeldags milonga!

Waffeldagen råkar också vara Viljans dag i Belarus men också Tangofortunas grundares födelsedag med siffran som är svar på allt, så välkomna att fira tillsammans!
Symbolisk entreavgift på 30 kr. Musiken kommer igång kl 19.00 och fortsätter så länge vi orkar att dansa!
Vid frågor: +46761665626. 

Milonga for humanity

On the day of the 7 February we were reached by horrible news about an natural disaster, a powerful earthquake that gripped Turkey and Syria and demanded lives of thousands of people. It is indeed a harsh reminder about our common grounds: in grief we have no nationality, no borders and no status differences. Pain of families loosing hope as days go by radiates through space. We want to do something to help. Every little step counts on our common journey of humanity.

So. Welcome to milonga on Saturday afternoon, 11th of March. Between 13.00-17.00 we offer music and snacks. All profit will go to support the families of survivors, through our collaboration channels with local NGOs, our trusted partners that we worked together with on matters of youth, gender and inclusion earlier.

Entrance fee: 100 kr, feel free to add on if you want to support the cause.

Any questions: 0761665626.

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