On the day of the 7 February we were reached by horrible news about an natural disaster, a powerful earthquake that gripped Turkey and Syria and demanded lives of thousands of people. It is indeed a harsh reminder about our common grounds: in grief we have no nationality, no borders and no status differences. Pain of families loosing hope as days go by radiates through space. We want to do something to help. Every little step counts on our common journey of humanity.

So. Welcome to milonga on Saturday afternoon, 11th of March. Between 13.00-17.00 we offer music and snacks. All profit will go to support the families of survivors, through our collaboration channels with local NGOs, our trusted partners that we worked together with on matters of youth, gender and inclusion earlier.

Entrance fee: 100 kr, feel free to add on if you want to support the cause.

Any questions: 0761665626.