For some people, definition of roles is important because it puts clearly power on the map, saying ”YOU LEAD”, and ”YOU FOLLOW”. Deviating from the established roles leads to insecurity, who has the power? Who get´s to decide?? Who is responsible???

We believe that none of the parties deserve to carry the full weight of responsibility for movement and development, and both are equally privileged with opportunity to express their opinion. As well as both have equal obligation to support each other’s learning and curiosity, and strive for proficiency.

In tango, we have these roles: leader, follower. Let us be clear about one thing: names of roles in tango do not define hierarchy or different levels of responsibility. It emphasises the need of both. Leading is not relevant if there is noone to lead but is pointless when there is noone to listen. Following is foolish when the lead is chaotic but picturing the whole dance, if is emotional and responsive.

On that reason we will always encourage change of roles in dancing, and move focus from power to experience.

Together with Landskrona Pride we invite everyone to join tango as common ground for feelings and motion. We play neo- and some non-tango music.
Try tango between 19.00-20.00, continue with milonga thereafter and for all Cinderellas out there: we stay for dancing until midnight.
See you!

Entrance is free of charge.

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