Take a cosy morning with slow enjoyable breakfast and a walk along the city harbour in Helsingborg. Take a cup of coffee in Dunkers culture house watching the sea.  Oh, at that time you might be already be able to hear tango music throughout the house, as we set up for milonga in the atrium, the very heart of Dunkers culture house, room with plenty of light, air and beautiful wooden floor.

The first half n hour is always open for the curious one, to try tango – just come to the Dj and he/she will guide you.

There is no entrance fee. We really want tango as a social culture, to come forward and encourage people to meet, talk and move unconventionally.

Welcome to join! Every second sunday start on the 8 September, closing season on the 15th of December, 13.00 – 16.00. Questions please to Tania (best is sms) +46761665626.